Divinity Ltd #2

“So it’s finally time, eh?” The tall man in the black suit was sitting across from me at a long table. He wasn’t looking at me when he talked. “Has it really been that long?”

We were sitting in a white room. White walls. White tables. Everything was spotless. But there were also roses. Red as blood, looking at me from a white vase. Arranged by a kind hand. A hand of a woman, I assumed.

“Indeed. The time has come,” I responded.

I was glad to avoid the unsettling stare of those green eyes.

“Are you certain? Maybe someone has miscalculated.”

“The impending event is not a number,” I said. “It cannot be determined by calculation.”

“It’s not numerical? Well, then the Revelation proves to be quite misleading, doesn’t it? With all those…”

“I wouldn’t know. I’ve never read the Bible.”

“Of course you haven’t.”

The man stood up from his chair. He moved effortlessly and with much grace which seemed unnatural since he had to be at least five hundred years old.

“You were foolish to think you were finished here,” he said, having lit the cigarette he was playing with all this time.

“Maybe you’re right. I wasn’t ready. If I had been ready, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” My voice was starting to tremble. “But it doesn’t matter now. For me the door is shut. I’ve missed my chance. I am here still and I am mortal. Just like you. And it frightens me.”

The man came closer.

“You and me, mein freund,” he said. “We are nothing alike. You can go upstairs. She will see you now.”

A corridor led to a stairway and up to the highest floor of the mansion. Finally I’ve reached the top. There was a balcony and she was standing there.

“Nice to see you Ba’al,” her voice was very powerful. “Though I must say I’m surprised you haven’t come to visit me eariler.”

“It wasn’t my choice this time, believe me.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“You’re an ancient being. Here to observe the mortals. You give illusion of fate and miracles.”

“No. I perform miracles. And fate is my middle name.”

“Why am I here? Why didn’t you leave me at the police station?”

“Tell me, Ba’al, what do you really know about the mortal man? Cause I know a lot. I’ve been there from the beginning. I saw men who had power. You could shower those with riches or bestow upon them pleasure beyond their wildest imagination. But to all those men everything would be worthless without one thing. Purpose.”

She came closer. Her dress was all white. Her hair red as those bloody roses. She put her lips next to my ear and whispered.

“I had awaken to a vision this morning. A vision of what lies ahead. They will try to hunt me. But I won’t let that happen. The path has been shown to me eons ago and I’ve been walking that path since the beginning of time,” she said.

She looked me in the eyes.

“Treading that path proves to be much more difficult then I’ve anticipated. I can’t even recall, how much I lost along the way. But I do remember the faces of those who had been taken from me. And not any man, nor any nation, nor any god known to mankind is going to stop me. For I have purpose. And my purpose is revenge.”

She placed her hand on my shoulder and forced me slowly to my knees.

“Will you tread the path with me?” she asked.

“I will follow,” I told her.


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