Dead cats got shiny eyes #1

On that day Melchior was wearing his utmost formal attire. A piece of plaid kitchen cloth and a shiny helmet made from a thimble he found in a sewing kit. He carried a black trident stolen from a box of pick-up sticks. Melchior was walking down a dark corridor through the attic full of old [...]

Divinity Ltd #2

"So it's finally time, eh?" The tall man in the black suit was sitting across from me at a long table. He wasn't looking at me when he talked. "Has it really been that long?" We were sitting in a white room. White walls. White tables. Everything was spotless. But there were also roses. Red [...]

Wanda & Jerome #1

Blue lights and screams of sirens surrounded the house in the woods. The policeman charged with negotiating was sweating. Tired and exhausted he put the bullhorn up to his mouth and tried again. "So what's it going to be? Will you come easily or will we have to go in there and drag you out? [...]

Brainstormers #1

Prologue DOES A NINJA SEE A NINJA HIDING BEHIND ANOTHER NINJA? „When I write I prefer a keyboard,” David said. „My handwriting is horrible. If my hand were to jack you off at the same pace as I'm writing longhand, you most likely wouldn't even be able to get an erection. I mean, that's if [...]

Divinity Ltd #1

The international ban on interspeciary genetic synthesis has not been abolished yet, so with no hope of growing wings, mankind is still limited to machine based flight, thus so am I. At least for as long, as I choose to remain among them. Wrapped with a seatbelt, I wait for the plane to land. When [...]